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Parish Forum – Procedure

  1. 15 minutes will be set aside for the “Parish Forum”.
  2. During the Parish Forum, parishioners can ask questions or make statements on any matter concerning the Parish.  A maximum of 5 minutes will be allowed for each parishioner.
  3. However, issues already discussed and agreed upon at previous parish council meetings (and duly recorded in the minutes of the relevant meeting) cannot be debated again.
  4. Only the Chairman may reply to or put a question to a parishioner.  However, if necessary, the Clerk and Councillors may reply to a question – or put a question to – a parishioner but only through the Chair.
  5. Parishioners are also entitled to be present during the Parish Council meeting but are not allowed to take part at any time. They may only speak to answer questions that may be put to them through the Chair.